16:30 - Ouverture des portes

17:30 - Surprise (hé oui, on vous a concocté  une surprise !)

18:00 - Mouvement Perpétuel

19:00 - Interview Mouvement Perpétuel

20:00 - The Names

21:30 - Interview The Names

21:50 - Dispute : No future en '77, et pourtant... (avec Philippe Gonin, Michel Sordinia)

22:30 - Frakture

00:15 - Interview Frakture


Born in the frictions of the Punk insurrection of the late 70's by ex-MARQUIS DE SADE / MARC SEBERG, FRAKTURE quickly became the Rennes’ laboratory of radical experimentation. An aesthetic collision between MÉTAL URBAIN’s rude spell and the rectilinear sophistication of the nascent Post-Punk, the group anticipates the intense existentialism that will become the norm of the first half of the 80's. The adventure of Les Jeunes Gens Mödernes puts FRAKTURE again in the foreground, recording in London So Blind To See, produced (1st time for a French band) by Dave M. ALLEN, THE CURE’s sound wizard.

More infos on their site and on Facebook or Youtube.

The Names

Noticed by his manager at the JOY DIVISION concert @ Plan K, THE NAMES is the only Belgian band signed at Factory. Martin HANNETT models the sound of the group, which publishes several singles and seminal Swimming in 1982. His timeless songs raise the band to the level of MAGAZINE and other PSYCHEDELIC FURS. Back to the origins, the 2007 Factory Night (Once Again) revives the machine: THE NAMES goes back on stage and in the recording studio. German Nights testifies to the recent German tour, as mature as it is vital.

More infos on their site  and on Facebook or Youtube.

Mouvement Perpétuel

At the end of '70s, the new wave of Lyon messes around the established order with MARIE ET LES GARÇONS, ELECTRIC CALLAS or STARSHOOTER. With its New Wave French Connection, the press quotes Lyon as one of the European metropolises of rock. In line with THE CURE, synthesis and funk in addition, MOUVEMENT PERPÉTUEL starts in 1983 with French and English texts. A series of concerts and Nuit Sans Sommeil, 2nd self-produced K7, later the army calls the guys and the group splits ... To reform in 2019, especially for A Question Of Wave.

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Anchored in the New Wave French Connection scene of Lyon, MOUVEMENT PERPÉTUEL, it is pure DIY: logo, flyer, photo with Yashica 6x6, self-produced tape and duplicated in real time (in other words: it take stime), VHS recording... and the noises that go with it.


Foyer Socioculturel d'Antoing

23, Rue du Burg

7640 Antoing

Tel : +32 69 44 68 00

Monday - Thursday: 1:30 pm to 6 pm

Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday: 9 am to 12 am and 1:30 pm to 6 pm