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All pictures appearing on the Festival website A QUESTION OF WAVE (the "Festival ") are the exclusive property of the people mentioned on the copyright.
They are free of rights as long as this copyright appears in its entirety.
By participating in the Festival, you give the organization your right to your image on the Festival website.
All information on the site is provided for informational purposes and is not contractual. Similarly, the organization may refer third party sites via hypertext links. It assumes no responsibility for the information or the use that may be made of the information on these third-party sites.
This site does not use cookies. By joining the mailing list, you voluntarily consent to transmit the requested data (the "Data") to the organization. The Data is used only for the sole purpose of sending you information about A QUESTION OF WAVE (the "Information"). They are not sent abroad except for the printing of entrance tickets. In this case, they would be sent to a country providing the same level of protection.
Under the conditions set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to access, correct, delete or oppose the use of Data (which will de facto terminate sending the information). These rights can be exercised according to the terms of the GDPR with the contact person mentioned on this site. 
For security reasons the organization reserves the right to carry out a search at the entrance and reserves the right to refuse access to the Festival.
The organization cannot in any case be held responsible, even in case of force majeure, of any damage whatever it is to the goods and / or the people. For example, the organization cannot be held responsible for any damage to vehicles that may occur near the Festival. Similarly, the organization cannot be held responsible, even in case of force majeure, of the total or partial cancellation of the Festival. The organizers are not liable for any compensation or compensation of any kind whatsoever. Only tickets sold by the organization will give the right to access the Festival.